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Hi, I’m Jill.

I’ve worked in marketing for almost ten years, for clients in finance, retail, post-secondary education, non-profit, industry, and construction.

One day, my full-time job decided it didn’t need a marketer so much as a project manager. Unfortunately, it turned out my response to being asked to book meetings was “This is a very inefficient system. In the time it took to tell me about your meeting, you could have booked the meeting.”

They probably weren’t surprised when I quit.

I was an accidental entrepreneur. I had exactly one paying client, and a month’s worth of savings until I resorted to cannibalism. I had no particular confidence I could run a business. I wasn’t even really sure I wanted to run a business. But I knew booking meetings for others was a waste of my time. 

Marketing is a business rife with trends and shiny things. Some of them are great. Some of them are time-wasters. It’s helpful to have a guide, or you can fall down a rabbit hole of paralyzing indecision or scattershot marketing.

I show business owners how to focus their marketing effortsstop wasting time on make-work projects, and make their marketing work as hard as they do.

It’s efficient as hell, and if you love no-BS marketing, we should talk about how to get results for your business.

If you need marketing support, here’s how to get in touch.

I’m located in Edmonton, Alberta, but I can support your marketing efforts no matter where you are. For details, check out my consulting servicesI also have an extensive portfolio of previous work, if you’re so inclined.

Or if you want to get straight to the coffee meeting, head over to my contact page or call me at 780.996.1255 and let’s get acquainted.