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You’re too busy to do hours of research for a marketing strategy, or write an annual report, or get that website up (finally.) Your focus on operations has made business good, but you know to get to the next level you have to up your marketing game. That’s where I come in. I work with you to create a marketing plan, or implement your existing plan, so you can achieve your growth goals without stepping away from your day-to-day.

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If you like lists, here’s a brief rundown of things I’m most regularly asked for:

I have a proven 5-step process to get you on the right track with your marketing every time.

We’re going to get REALLY honest about:

  • what you (and your employees) think your strengths and weaknesses are
  • what your customers love and hate about your business
  • the gap between what you think your business is and what your customers think it is
  • how you can close those gaps to create better customer relationships
  • how you can grow beyond those gaps to take your business to the next level

My process is a collaborative, rather than prescriptive, approach. I’ll work with you (or your growth team) to figure out what your key value is, how you can talk about it to your audiences, and what you’ll have to do to live up to it. You end up with an actionable plan based on the actual resources you have. No fantasy worlds with unlimited budgets and man-hours. Just real talk.

Anyone with a pen can write some words. But you know the difference between words on a page and the art of copywriting. One gets passed over, the other gets results.

I do my homework and work with you to make sure I have the right information about your audience and the subject matter. When I have a deep understanding of who I’m talking to and what they need to know, I adjust my style and tone to resonate with your audience’s needs and pains. Eyecatching and edgy? No problem. Formal and knowledgable? I can do that too.

If you’re curious about when you need copywriting, check out my guide to hiring copywriters.

I build small-scale, sexy WordPress sites that keep it real simple.

First I map the content of your site with your audience in mind – what information will they expect to see? What language will resonate with them? How will they navigate the site?

This is where my approach gets a bit unique. I write and design at the same time. Most people who build websites do one of those things first. When you separate the two, you end up fitting one to the other rather than doing what’s best for the user. Communication is very visual, so design and content need to work together to convey the message. That’s why the first time you see a draft of your site, all the real content will be there. No lorem ipsum.

I build your site on WordPress with an easy-to-use template you can update yourself. You can even drag and drop different elements if things change for you down the line. Here are a couple examples.


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